The traditional musical instrument of Veena is an integral part of the rich Carnatic music in Thanjavur. Popularly known as Veena, Veena bears relics to the rich religious and cultural history of the place. According to mythological legends, Goddess Saraswati is always seen to play musical instrument of Veena.
    Veena is made up of wood and strings. An indigenous musical instrument, Veena is played with great perfection by the highly talented artists of Thanjavur. The enchanting melody of the musical instrument of Veena casts a magical spell on the audience.

Veena Schools.

    The ancient city of Thanjavur has several music schools that impart training in playing the musical instrument of Veena. The sweet melody of Veena has the strength to dispel boredom and fill the air with music, joy and mirth. The culturally enriched native population of Thanjavur attends numerous concerts to relieve themselves from the stress and strains of daily lifestyle.
veena school
Playing veenai

Veena in Festivals.

             The trained performers play the indigenous musical instrument of Veena with great enthusiasm and vigor which is reflected in their flawless performance. The musical instrument of Veena is an essential part of the social, cultural and religious festivals of Thanjavur.