Film Name: Engeyum Eppothum

Show Time: 11.15 am, 02.30 pm 06.15 pm, 10.05 pm.


Engeyum Eppothum Review

Engeyum Eppodhum
Directed by M. Saravanan
Produced by A. R. Murugadoss
Written by M. Saravanan
Screenplay by M. Saravanan
Starring Jai
Music by Sathya
Cinematography Velraj
Editing by Kishore Te.
Studio Murugadoss Productions
Fox Studios
Release date(s) 16 September 2011
Country India
Language Tamil


Engeyum Eppodhum English: Anywhere Anytime) is a Tamil romantic drama film written and directed by newcomer M. Saravanan. Starring Jai, Anjali, Ananya and Sharvanand, it is produced by A. R. Murugadoss in association withFox Studios, marking the studio's entry into Tamil cinema. Engeyum Eppodhum illustrates two love stories - one set against the backdrop of Chennai and the other in Tiruchi - which join together in the climax. The film released on 16 September 2011, to very positive reviews and declared to be a hit.

The film opens with two buses colliding. One bus is travelling from Trichy to Chennai and the other is from Chennai to Trichy

Kathiresan (Jai) is a worker in a lathe workshop and is in love with Manimegalai (Anjali) in his neighbourhood. After six months she reciprocates his love. Manimegalai is a selfstyled girl. She is bold and beautiful Being a nurse, she gets him to register for organ donation. Kathiresan wants to take her to meet his mother in his village and so they decide to go to his home town. They board the ill fated bus to Villupuram. His village is nearby.

Amutha (Ananya), a naive village girl comes to Chennai to look for a job. Her sister who was supposed to meet her at the bus stop is not able to come. And as she is not confident enough to go in a big city like Chennai on her own, she gets the help of Gautham (Sharvanand), a stranger to help her with the address.Amutha is very skeptical about revealing her name and other details to Gautham as she doesn't get a very god impression about Gautham and she is not keen on even knowing Gautham's name.So they dont exchange any details. Gautham takes her to the company for interview and drops her at her sister's place.Amutha slowly starts falling for Gautham as he leaves.Amutha reveals her name and also that she is from Trichy. Time passes, and Amutha returns to her village. Her family tries to get various proposals for her, all of which she rejects. Instead, she harbors feeling for Gautham and after a few months comes to Chennai to look for him. Not knowing any details about him, she decides to return and gets into the bus from Chennai.

On the same day Gautham travels to Trichy in search of Amutha and as he couldn't find her he returns back to Chennai. Kathiresan and Manimegalai are in the same bus along with Gautham.A head on collision occurs between the buses and 30 to 40 lives are lost. Few glimpses of passengers are shown. One passenger is returning from Dubai to meet his daughter after 5 years. . A college girl falls for a guy in the bus. They dont even talk to each other. They steal glances. When their bus breaks down due to a flat tire, she gets a chance to board another bus, but she decides not to go. A newly wedded girl also travels, her husband came for send off also travels along with her planning to get down in the middle .In the accident, Amutha and Kathiresan are seriously injured.Gautham and Manimegalai are not severely injured,so they help all the victims at the accident spot. At one point Gautham sees Amutha being taken in an ambulance. He desperately wants to go with Amutha but decides to stay back to help the others. Manimegalai and Gautham later go to the hospital to meet their lovers. What happens to the two couples forms the rest of the plot.